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About Anandotsava

Anandotsava is derived from two words, 'Ananda' meaning joy and 'Utsava' meaning festival. Anandatsova is Nitte's very own festival of joy. The name is also a tribute to the founder of the Nitte Education Trust, Late Justice Kowdoor Sadananda Hegde. Here's to seeing you at Nitte on the 25th, 26th and 27th of February to celebrate our festival of joy with us. This is not something you would want to miss. In the last few years, we have seen Anandotsava take on a central theme for the three day fest. Whether it was celebrating the '100 years of Bollywood' at Anandotsava '13 or going 'Around the world in 3 days' at Anandotsava '14 or even going the 'Rock 'n' Roll' way at Anandotsava '15, there were always different aspects of popular culture that was celebrated. That is going to be no different this year. This year we celebrate the one source of entertainment that will never disappoint us. Something that was with us then, is with us now and will be with us forever. This Anandotsava we celebrate our favourite comic characters through the ages. Join us as we celebrate with Asterix, Tintin, Archie, Chacha Chaudhary and the rest at 'Anandotsava '16- The one with the comics'.

Battle of the Bands

A Golden Opportunity awaits all the tremendous bands in Karnataka to take away the title of- Battle of the Bands 4.0. We all have been inspired by the battles fought by our super heroes in the comic world. Here is a chance to fight a similar battle against the best of enemies to inspire the people of Nitte by their beats. For the true connoisseur of music or people just looking for ’Anand’, prepare yourself to have the time of your lives this Anandotsava ’16!!

Fashion Show

Ever wondered what it might feel like to walk in Adriana Lima’s shoes? Ever felt the need to thrill audiences like Heidi Klum would? Here’s your chance to light up the ramp. Walk your way to glory this February at Anandotsava’16.

Group Dance

Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving and beautiful of the arts. It’s not a mere translation of life but life itself.

Just a Minute

How long does it take for you to glance through your favorite comic every day? Not much more than a minute, right? Now, take a minute of that time and put your quick thinking and critical reasoning skills to the test at the JAM during this year’s Anandotsava. Remember, every second counts!


Cultural Coordinator

Prof. Vishwanatha

+91 9980523407

Student Coordinator

Hitesh Bangera

+91 7204536127